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Terms of Reference (TOR) For Short-term Consultant for the Documentation of BMZ Funded Programs in Mogadishu, Somalia

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Job Description




2 SCI Contracting Office Save the Children Mogadishu Office, Somalia
3 Period of Consultancy 25 Days
4 Consultant/Advisor type required Individual/Firm.
5 Responsibility for Logistics arrangements and Costs The applicant will cover for any Logistics arrangements and costs; including food, accommodation and local transport. (Subject of change)
6 Taxation Provisions Applicant shall be responsible for all Taxes arising from the consultancy in line with the Somaliland Tax regulations applicable at the SCI contracting office named above
7 Travel requirements The applicant will Responsible any Travel outside in Mogadishu, Somalia.
8 Security requirements Applicant will comply with standard Save the Children Security procedures, including the completion of SCI online security training prior to travel to Somaliland (if applicable)
9 Qualification and Experience To qualify for this assignment, the consultant must: have

Please refer below awarding criteria indicated on section 6 of this document

10 Evaluation Criteria Refer below awarding criteria indicated on section 6 of this document
11 Application Procedure Interested applicants should submit their applications via email to


The applications should be submitted in PDF format as one document comprising Technical and Financial sections as detailed below.

Applicants should also indicate the date they are available to start working on the consultancy

All applications MUST be submitted on or before the closing date below to be considered for the assignment.

Only shortlisted Candidates will be contacted.

12 Closing date for Applications Interested consultants shall submit their applications through the email address provided above on or before 13th October, 2021

Shortlisted candidates will be requested for an interview.

13 TERMS OF REFERENCE FOR The documentation of BMZ funded programs in Mogadishu

Location: Mogadishu, Baidoa and Garowe
Application Deadline: 13th October- 2021
Send documents to: CSS.LOGISTICS@savethechildren.org



BMZ project funded by The Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development -Germany with an aim of Building Resilient communities in Mogadishu, especially women and children in Deynile, Kahda and Dharkeynley districts which are the target locations of the project.

The overall aim is to implement activities that span from short term humanitarian support to long term resilience building using the durable solutions approach to IDPs crisis in Mogadishu. Providing meaningful livelihood opportunities to IDPs, returnees and host communities, especially women and youth who already experience high levels of unemployment, is a critical part of durable solutions to support a vulnerable population to make the transition from assistance to self-reliance and to create a conducive environment for (re) integration, contributing resilience.

The BMZ supported project broadly covers four areas of interventions –

a)    Supporting income generation though business training, establish business association and self-help groups, revolving fund for interest free loan for micro-entrepreneurs, and (partial) business grants individual entrepreneur.

b)    Market driven technical skills building for youth men and women through supports for institutes, enterprises and unemployed youth in conducting/receiving the training.

c)     Strengthening social protection for vulnerable populations through unconditional cash supports to beneficiaries who are not able to manage their enterprises

d)    Improved and sustainable access to WASH facilities by constructing and rehabilitation of water access points, pipelines; and sensitization of better hygiene practices through awareness campaigns.

2017 to date the project has successfully supported beneficiaries from the following three components under food security and livelihood program.

a)     465 Households received business start-up grants for Income generating activity (IGA) at maximum of $600 per HH and minimum of $300 dollar per HHs for one off payment.

b)    300 Households Had accessed to credit and alternative income opportunities through revolving funds and 40 savings groups were set up in the project target locations in Deynile, Kahda and Dharkeynley.

c)     The project trained 651 trainees from Institutional Based (IB), Enterprise Based (EB) and Dual Technical Vocational, educational Training (TVET) approaches on certificate and diploma level and they are successfully utilizing their skills

d)    400 households from the most vulnerable and food insecure people received social safety net cash transfer for 24 months



The main objectives of the programme: –

e)    The Overall Objective is: Men, women and children in vulnerable communities are more resilient to shocks and the Specific Objective is “Increased resilience of vulnerable people in Mogadishu, particularly IDPs, to resist and recover from the impact of cyclical stocks and stresses”

f)      Resilience of internally displaced people (IDPs) and other vulnerable groups in Mogadishu is increased due to labor market integration, social protection, and access to WASH services.


Document, through visual content (videos, photos and stories) the successes, best practices, impact, innovation and lessons learnt of the BMZ program in Mogadishu. The content will reflect on the breakthroughs made in line with the program change objectives and outcomes outlined in the programs design.

The specific objectives of this assignment include:

To capture the impact, success, innovations and lessons learnt of the BMZ program and produce high quality photographs, creatively written human interest stories and short videos of the partners, communities, process, activities and context showing the impact of our work to children and their families for the use in publications, websites and any other purpose SC deems appropriate for the promotion of this and other relevant activities


Using the high quality/latest technology, the consultant will bring the stories, images and videos of the work funded by the BMZ programs bringing into forefront systems reform achieved, beneficiaries reached, programs innovations etc by exploring interactions and interviews with the project beneficiaries and key stakeholders including government officials at federal and state levels. The consultant should link together and tell a cohesive story across the programs capturing the wider picture across the various programs elements. Childrens voices must be featured in the storyline, and their experience shared.    

Specifically the consultant shall:

·      Undertake desk review of programs documents including proposals and reports to identify key areas of programs successes

·      Develop storyboards, scripts and storylines for all the materials to be produced

·      Visit the project sites and interact with the local communities and authorities who’ve been implemeting the programs

·      Document programs impact, success, best practices and lessons learnt through videos, photos and creatively written stories

·      Interview key program stakeholders

·      Produce final high quality videos, photos and stories to be presented to programs partners, donors and stakeholders

The consultant will be provided with all the programs documents and will be briefed thoroughly on the programs and on the Federal Government of Somalia and Save the Children’s child safeguarding requirements. She/He will sign a child safeguarding policy prior to commencing work. While undertaking this assignment,.


1.     Provide a draft schedule of the implementation of the assignment to Save the Children ahead of the assignment (with division of tasks and time lines).

2.     5 minutes long video showing the success, lessons learnt, innovation and the impact of the target BMZ programs through voices of beneficiaries [children], program stakeholders and the government.

3.     Four (4) videos of one minute duration highlighting the success of the BMZ funded project including TVET/youth skills trainings and climate change resilience, beneficiaries benefited from income generation activities (IGA)/ revolving fund cash transfer grants, VSLA groups both supported and non-supported groups and social safety net cash transfer grants to show case the impact of the programs on beneficiaries interms of income, employability, resiceileince and protection.

4.     Six (6) success / human interest stories written from first person point of view with government stakeholders and key program beneficiaries including children.

5.     2 feature stories on how the program has innovatively built and decorated the youth innovation center in the ministry of labour and social affairs (MOLSA) to use for increasing youth employment.

6.     100 (max) well edited and well captioned photos in Jpeg format- at least 4MB in size/quality. The photos should clearly show different activities of the programs.

7.     Present final videos in English with Somali translations/subtitles.

8.     Stories should include how the program has adopted to support the target communities on the COVID-19 pandemic.

9.     Signed consent forms for each person who appears prominently in shot. For group shots please refer to Save the Children image guidelines – you do not necessarily need a consent form for individuals in a group/ crowd shot. When all is done make sure to leave behind a form for the individuals in the story or photograph, in case the subject need to contact Save the Children if there should be any concern.

Upon the completion of the assignment, the service provider will be expected to submit footage, photos and any other documents created within the assignment to Save the Children. This includes but not limited to original copies of the consent, project files in FCP or Adobe format and all text in word document version including transcript of interviews conducted during the assignment.

Final content produced MUST follow Save the Children branding guidelines and quality standards.


The main target beneficiaries/audience of this documentation is;

·      Key stakeholders including local communities, consortium partners, donors, sector partners.


·      Engage persons with good background and skills in documenting and demonstrating programs achievements

·      Make use of available data including reports and assessments done by the programs

·      Interview programs beneficiaries including children, stakeholders and implementing teams

·      Travel to the field to meet programs beneficiaries and stakeholders including relevant government departments supported by the programs.


Director of the BMZ Program, in consultation with technical teams will be responsible in leading and overseeing this assignment. The ACCM team will support the process technically and provide clear map for capturing required data in an accessible manner. The programs team will provide support in identification of key areas of documentation, respondents, stakeholders, locations, and share available data including reports and success stories. The MEAL team will help in providing secondary and primary data and the process of reviewing the facts and figures of the documentation.


  • The videos, photos and stories as well as all raw footage filmed for this assignment is the sole property of the Save the Children.
  • Branding and credits- all documents will carry the branding and credits of the government, Save the Children and the BMZ.
1.     At least four years of experience in documentation, videography and photography production in Development and Humanitarian contexts.

2.     Latest equipment in video-photography documentation

3.     A strong creative vision and styling that appeals to a global audience, with experience in capturing and editing videography for international consumption.

4.     Samples of previous work undertaken by the consultant as proof of creative vision and style.

5.     The consultant is expected to cover their own insurance costs.

6.     Ability to work at Save the Children offices and it’s programs partners as required to meet the expected deliverables

7.     Applying firms are expected to have presence (teams) in Southern States of Somalia


Applicants are required to submit the following:

·      A technical proposal: Letter of Interest, stating why you consider yourself/your firm suitable for the assignment

·      Firm/company registration and profile on handling related assignment

·      Personal CVs for individual consultant highlighting qualifications and experience

·      Contact details of referees which shall be organizations for whom you have produced films or documentaries

·      Financial proposal indicating consultancy fee and a breakdown of expenses (unit price together with any other expenses) related to the assignment.

·      Both technical and financial proposal shall not exceed five pages

Share your documents with email; CSS.LOGISTICS@savethechildren.org with the subject line of the email body “Livelihoods Market Assessment and Staff training in Somalia”.

Deadline for submission is 13th Oct–021




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