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Terms of Reference (TOR) For Translation of S4T field Guide Manual to Somali language – Somaliland

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Job Description

Terms of Reference (TOR)
Translation of S4T field Guide Manual to Somali language.
World Vision Resilience and Livelihood sector is implementing savings for transformation (S4T)
project in Burco and Odweyne Districts. The project objective is to contribute to the production
and productivity of small holder farmers for improved food security and livelihoods, increase
access to safety nets to meet basic needs for populations vulnerable to shocks and the chronically
destitute and at risk, especially women and children. World Vision established 18 S4T groups in
10 target villages at Burco and Odweyne districts;
World Vision provides technical support and saving for transformation (S4T) training to these 18
producer groups, which is an enhanced version of Village Savings and Loans Associations
training for the most vulnerable groups (especially women and persons with disabilities) including
most marginalized households living in different contexts.
Objective of the TOR.
WV intends to translate the following training guides into Somali Language:
 Translating S4T training guide/manual documents to Somali language.
 Translation of Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs) Village Agent Training Guide to Somali
Scope of Work
The consultant will be expected to undertake the following tasks:
1. Go through the World Vision’s S4T Training manual/guide and (VSLAs) Village Agent Training
Guide, and get a clear understanding of the contents and context of the saving for
Transformation Manuals.
2. Translate the training manuals using simple and easy to understand Somali language ensure
the contents and processes are aligned to the set objectives.
3. Ensure that the language use captures all concepts and demonstrate interactive and learner
friendly teaching and learning techniques and processes.
4. Proof read the translated training manuals to confirm that all concepts are well captured in
appropriate Somali language.
5. Ensuring quality check; ensuring that no typographical errors are left in the final text 


World Vision’s saving for Transformation Training manuals/Guide translated from English language to Somali language;

Branding / Copyright and Intellectual properties:

 Copyright solely belongs to World Vision; therefore, all productions and written content

will be purely World Vision property

 All products must be in line with World Vision branding guideline. Any other logo allowed,

must be approved by World Vision Senior Communications Manager.

Assignment duration/Time Frame:

 The consultancy will be a maximum of 20 days for translation of entire S4T manual

effective from date of signing of the contract

Eligible Applicants

 Consultancy service company/entity/Institution.

 Individual consultants

Preferred Qualifications (Essential)

 A Bachelor degree in Social science, preferably Community Development with at least 4

years’ experience in related methodologies of saving and credit groups is mandatory.

Experience in similar translation tasks

 Fluent in English and Somali

 Proven capacity and ability to undertake translations on time to meet the deadlines.

 High proficient in computer skills

 A copy of the translator’s degrees/diplomas certificates; and other relevant supporting


Evaluation Criteria

The Selection of the firm will be made based on cumulative analysis (i.e., mandatory

requirement and technical qualifications as follows:


 Provide a certified copy of business registration(company/organization)

 Provide a certified copy of tax registration 

 Provide information on ownership structure – name of directors/owners of the
 References including names and contact information from previous clients who can
be contacted regarding relevant experience in translation of documents (At least
 Successful bidder will be required to sign World Vision Supplier Code of Conduct
Technical Evaluation
Applicants need to clearly articulate on the following, but not limited to: –
 A cover letter outlining the suitability of the consultant in undertaking the translation
and summarizing relevant experience (Not exceeding one page)
 Consulting firm profile (Not exceeding one page)
 Up to two page statement of capability (referencing the selection criteria) and the
approach to be take in undertaking this assignment
 Clear work plan including time frames for Translation
 Detailed CVs of key personnel (including any formal qualifications) should be provided
Financial Evaluation
 A financial proposal with a detailed breakdown of costs quoted in USD. Applicable tax
amount must be clearly stipulated and separated from the base costs.
 Payment Terms
 Credit Period
Financial proposal should not be part of the technical proposal; it should be a separate
Submission of Applications
Interested parties are requested to submit their application to had delivery or Somaliland Supply Chain
<Somaliland_Supply_Chain@wvi.org> on or before 1st December 2021

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