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Terms of Reference (TOR) for World Vision Somalia Car Rental Services – Mogadishu, Somalia

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Job Description


Required Service:Car Rental Services

Location: Mogadishu-Somalia

Duration: 12 months with possibility of extension

Estimate number of working days: 365


World Vision is planning to contract a reputable car rental company to provide transportation services for its staff in Mogadishu. The successful service provider shall perform the required services in line with World Vision standards of high level of quality and shall follow all applications and directives as identified by this ToR. The transportation services include:

Core Services: This includes provision of car and fixed driver rental services on a daily basis, as well as ad-hoc drivers & cars when the office has a large demand on transport services.

The transportation services should be available upon World Vision request, and involve point to point transfer services as follows: –

  • Daily transportation services for the staff from their homes to the office in Aden Abdulle International Airport (AAIA) and back to their homes
  • Daily transportation services for the all staff as required by their duties in Mogadishu.
  • Transportation services within AAIA
  • Transportation services for all guests coming to the office and taking them back to their desired destinations within Mogadishu.
  • Transportation services of office supplies.
  • Any other service assigned by the admin officer and Head of Office in Mogadishu.

To provide transportation services to World Vision Mogadishu offices on fixed basis, on ad-hoc basis, and on point to point basis. Such transportation services include visits to the government ministries and regular transportation for the staff to attend meetings inside the city of Mogadishu, and point to point transport services for World Vision travellers when required.

All vehicles should be maintained and cleaned by the successful service provider on regular basis.


The car and driver rental services must include the following:

  • All vehicles assigned to World Vision should be in excellent condition. The assigned vehicles should be of year 2010 and onwards.
  • World Vision should not be liable for the maintenance of the company’s vehicles. The car rental company will be responsible for its vehicle’s maintenance and cleaning services.
  • All vehicles assigned to WV must have access clearance to all four access gates for the office in Adden Abudlle International Airport in Mogadishu-Somalia.
  • Must possess access clearance in all junctions leading to the main government offices such as Government Ministries, Villa Somalia, BRA Headquarters and all other important governmental buildings and institutions.
  • Must be able to have un-interrupted movements within Mogadishu and outskirts
  • Must be ready to serve 24/7
  • Must be a high standard vehicle that the office can send to pick a middle or high-level executive government officials such us Director Generals and Directors or may be State Ministers when they are here in Mogadishu and we want them to come to office.
  • Drivers must have at least 4 years of driving experience in driving passengers with knowledge of the local traffic rules and knowledge of the different locations inside Mogadishu
  • Must possess basic technical and regular maintenance knowledge of vehicles.
  • Clear Criminal history, clear drugs records and clear sexual harassment records. WV has the right to request proof of such records.
  • The service provider undertakes sole responsibility for taxes and any other charges of public nature, which are or may be assessed in future against the service provider.
  • The services rendered by the service provider must be performed in full consideration to confidentiality
  • The driver must maintain high standards of personal hygiene and must wear uniform during the working hours and wear/display an identification badge/name plate that displays the service provider’s name, employee name and picture of the employee
  • The driver must be equipped with mobile phone and sim card provided by the service provider. This is for communication purpose and numbers shall be provided to respective World Vision Somalia Operations staff. Driver must not speak on mobile phones while the vehicle is in motion.
  • The vehicles and drivers provided to World Vision Somalia will be used exclusively for this purpose and will not be engaged in any other work during working hours.
  • The service provider shall have the capacity to provide required modifications on its pick-up vehicles as may be requested by World Vision Somalia from time to time, e.g., benches/seats for armed escorts over the cargo bed.
  • The service provider shall be responsible for providing a replacement vehicle should preventive maintenance of a listed/furnished vehicle extend to a period exceeding one (1) day.
  • The service provider shall provide transportation on official holidays if there is requirement

4.1 The Vehicle shall, as a minimum, be equipped with:

  • Spare-tire, the necessary accessories (spanner, jack, etc.)
  • Emergency/Accident Early Warning Device (EWD)
  • Operational lap and shoulder seat belts for passengers in the most forward seat, and lap-type belts for all other passengers. The service provider shall maintain seat belts in operating order at all times
  • Fire extinguishers (1Kg dry powder)
  • Heating and cooling system of sufficient capacity and operability to maintain passenger comfort during periods of hot and cold weather.
  • The Service Provider shall at all times display on the windshield the clearance by the State Road Authorities as required by the Law for Commercial vehicles.
  • The vehicles will be fully registered with the government. Proof of the registration must be provided, with copy of vehicle log book submitted prior to award of Contract.

4.2 Vehicle Specifications:

Vehicle Type Minimum Description
Light Vehicle {Land cruiser or equivalent} 4WD(Diesel/Petrol), left hand drive, 4 passengers and a separate seat for driver, Model should be of year 2010 and onwards and in good running condition
Mini van 4WD(Diesel/Petrol), left hand drive, 7 passenger capacity, in good running condition
Pick-up Double Cab 4WD      4WD Pick up-Dual Cab (Diesel/Petrol), Left Hand drive, Model in good running condition

The hire services for buses will be requested by World Vision Somalia on an “as and when required” basis. The Bus must have a minimum seating capacity for (25) passengers and a separate seat for driver.


5.1 Mandatory Requirements

  • Provide a certified copy of business registration(company/organization)
  • Provide a certified copy of tax registration
  • Provide information on ownership structure – name of directors/owners of the company(company/organization)
  • Provide at least 3 references including names and contact information from previous clients who can be contacted regarding relevant experience.
  • Provide copy of driver’s driving license according to the vehicle level
  • Provide CID police clearance certificate of the driver
  • Provide proof of vehicle registration with the Government of Somalia (relevant authorities) allowing unrestricted access and ease of movement
  • Successful bidder will be required to sign World Vision Supplier Code of Conduct form

5.2 Technical Proposal Evaluation

Applicants need to clearly articulate on the following in their technical proposals, but not limited to: –

  • Adherence to the expected deliverables in section 3 and 4
  • Company Profile
  • Firm’s general experience in the field of assignment
  • Relevant references from previous assignments
  • Understanding of the objectives
  • The qualifications and relevant experience of the personnel to this assignment. All drivers should have a minimum of secondary education.
  • Provide copy of IDs for the drivers
  • Provide proof of vehicle ownership i.e. Log Books
  • Overall value proposition.

5.3 Financial Proposal Evaluation

  • Provide a financial proposal quoted in Quote should detail rate per day for the various vehicle types outlined under section 4.2 Vehicle Specifications. Applicable tax amount must be clearly stipulated and separated from the base costs.
  • Payment Terms
  • Credit Period

Financial proposal should not be part of the technical proposal; it should be a separate document.


6.1 Introduction

Specific terms of contract shall be discussed with the bidder whose proposal will be accepted by WVS. The resulting contract shall include but not be limited to the general terms of contract as stated below:

6.2 Award of Contract

Following the opening and evaluation of proposals, WVS will award the Contract to the successful Bidder whose bid has been determined to be substantially responsive and has been determined as the best evaluated bid.

6.3 Applicable Law

The validity, construction and performance of the Agreement that shall arise out of this sourcing activity shall be governed in accordance with Somalia law.

6.4 Damages and Indemnities

The Service Provider will be liable for any damage or any claim following accident or loss, including claims with regard to transported goods, caused by the Service Provider’s driver or as a result of the technical state of the vehicle. All related costs are at the Service Provider’s expenses.


A prospective bidder making an inquiry relating to the tender document may notify WVS in writing at milkah_mwangi@wvi.org. WVS will only respond to requests for clarification received no later than 14/9/2021.


Interested bidders should submit their proposal by email to somo_supplychain@wvi.org on or before 23rd September 2021.

Proposals should be submitted in three distinct/separate attachments, namely Mandatory Requirements, Technical Proposal and Financial Proposal (Bidders who will combine both technical and financial proposals shall be disqualified)


Bids received after deadline shall not be considered.



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