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(Bardale, Burhakaba, Yeed and QoryooleyDistricts) 

Location: Bardale, Burhakaba, Yeed and Qoryooley Districts

Application Deadline: 21st Feb-020 at 10:00AM.

Send documents To:CSS.LOGISTICS@savethechildren.org


Save the Children (SC) has worked in Somalia/Somaliland since 1951 and has provided emergency assistance since 1970 whenever there has been need. In 2016, SCI directly reached 600,936 children. Each year about 650,000 people benefit from our longer term development work in Health, Nutrition, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH), Education, Food Security and Livelihoods (FSL), Child Protection and Child Rights Governance.

With support from USAID/OFDA, SC will implement a one-year program targeting 95,000+ including 55,000+ internally displaced people (IDP) in AWDAL (Somaliland), BARI and NUGAL (Puntland), and BAY (South Central Somalia). SC will implement an integrated approach; health and nutrition sites, WASH, protection, agriculture & livelihoods services targeting the most affected populations within; Lughaya, Zeila (Awdal), Iskushban, Qardho, Banderbelya (Bari), Dangaroyo (Nugal), Baidoa (Bay). Further live saving health, nutrition and WASH services will also target the most vulnerable within Dinsoor and Bardale (Bay) and Borama (Awdal).

Project Objectives

The main objective of the program is to save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain human dignity in communities experiencing humanitarian crisis or that are food insecure.

The program has the following sector specific objectives;

  • Health: Increased access to primary healthcare for affected families
  • Nutrition: Increased access to interventions aimed at preventing, identifying and treating acute malnutrition among children and PLW
  • WASH: Targeted children and families affected by drought have improved access to safe and adequate water and sanitation services and hygiene messages to reduce the risk of disease transmission
  • Agriculture and Food Security: Protect productive assets among drought affected host and IDP communities.
  • Economic Recovery and market systems: Restore productive assets and livelihood opportunities among drought affected resident and IDP communities
  • Protection:Increased protection of children from harm, violence, exploitation and abuse

Project Geographical Coverage and targets

Save the children with GREDO are implement an integrated approach; health and nutrition sites, WASH, protection, agriculture & livelihoods services targeting the most affected populations within; Lughaya, Zeila (Awdal), Iskushban, Qardho, Banderbelya (Bari), Dangaroyo (Nugal), Baidoa (Bay). Further live saving health, nutrition and WASH services will also target the most vulnerable within Dinsoor and Bardale (Bay) and Borama (Awdal). In Bari, Nugaal and Awdal SC is also implementing FFP program.

Table: Beneficiary breakdown by location

Region District Target Beneficiaries per sector (thematic area)
Nutrition Health Protection FSL WASH
Bay Berdale 3653 6396 0 0 0
Burhakaba 0 7300 0 0 0
Lower Shabele Qoryoley 9659 51493 1223 1968 5800
Bakool Yeed/Rabdure 14515 14500 1223 0 6520
Total target beneficiaries per district 27827 79689 2446 1968 12320 
  1. Purpose of the third party monitoring

The main purpose of the third party  monitoring is to monitor the project activities against the project quality benchmarks as per the program activities which will provide intervention situation that will eventually be used for tracking and assess project performance and progress.

Conduct the  project beneficiaries feedback sessions and health/nutrition facility exit interview to document project beneficiaries views and feedback

  1. Scope of Assignment

The consultant (s) will design and conduct the activity third party monitoring usingprogram quality benchmarks that define expected quality standards and discuss outcomes of the monitoring with program implementing staff to develop improvement actions.The consultant shall have to carry out the following and other specific activities during the monitoring survey process:

  • Review of key documents that include the proposal documents, Project proposal, MEAL plan and work plan.
  • Design of monitoring survey
    • Produce an inception report with a detailed work plan and methodology to be used with respect to the quantitative household survey, provide a description of how data will be collected including the sampling frame, data sources, analysis plan and drafts of data collection tools such as questionnaires
    • Develop an implementation plan for qualitative data collection including tool such as Key Informant Interview guides
  • Conduct field data collection
  • Discussion with SC on initial results report on third party monitoring report
  • Conduct final presentation in collaboration with SC.
  1. Monitoring Survey Methodology

The consultant will use both qualitative and quantitative using health and nutrition facility checklists, focus group discuss, beneficiary satisfaction survey, and KII at the facility in charges.

3.1. Activity monitoring Inception Report

The successful Consultant will prepare a monitoring Inception Report that will describe understanding of the Terms of References, detailed methodology and work plan. The report will be approved by Save the Children and will act as a key guiding document to the conduct of the monitoring survey.

  • Work plan

The consultant will prepare a plan that will operationalize and direct how the whole exercise will be carried out. SC Somalia staff will be involved in providing input into design and review of tools, field monitoring agenda, and the report. The work plan will clearly describe the timing for;

  1. The development of monitoring tools
  2. Fieldwork (Data collection and Analysis)
  3. Report writing and dissemination of results.
  • Geographical and beneficiary targeting

The exercise will be carried out in Bardale, Burhakaba, Yeed and Qoryooley districts South west state of Somalia

3.1       Expertise of the consultants

The following are minimum requirements for the team/consultant to be considered for carrying out the assignment

  1. Relevant bachelor level education experience and training in Public Health, and/or related fields.
  2. At least 5 years’ experience in conducting similar work. SC-Somalia is interested to verify related assignments conducted in the past 2 years.
  3. fluency in somali language especially   afmay dialect  is compulsory.
  4. Considerable track record and proven experience in quantitative and qualitative methods
  5. Proven experience on primary health care services, CMAM.

3.2       Team members’ other responsibilities

The members shall be responsible for the following:

  • Adhering to all terms/conditions stipulated in their contracts including SC child safeguarding policy.
  • Obtaining their health insurance
  • Adhering to the agreed time-frames with regard to all activities outlined in the timeline
  • Consultant’s own laptops/computers to be used during the assignment

3.3       Deliverables

The potential consultant will be expected to complete the assignment within 10 days for development and pre-testing of data collection tools/instruments, data collection, analysis, validation and report writing.

The consultants will be responsible for the following deliverables:

Output Due Date
Reviewing project documents TBD
Inception report TBD
Developing data collection tools TBD
Traveling to the field TBD
Processing and analyzing data TBD
Report writing and dissemination of findings TBD

3.4       SC Somalia Responsibilities

The SC Somalia will be responsible for the following:

  • Providing input into the tools developed, and monitoring design.
  • Providing the monitoring tools for health,  and Nutrition quality  benchmarks
  • Provide the beneficiary satisfaction survey monitoring tools
  • Provide consultants with literature review materials/necessary documentations.
  • Link consultants to relevant stakeholders
  • Reviewing analysis of the data collected prior to the documentation of the final report
  • Review draft report
  • Approve and signoff final report draft

4.0       Ownership of Research Data/Findings

All data collected and report findings for this study shall remain the property of the SC Somalia.

5.0 additional requirement

  • independently travel canto Qoryooley, Bardale, Bur Hakaba and Yeed
  1. Application Process. See annex B

Interested applicants who meet the requirements should submit;

  1. Technical and financial proposals with detailed work plan
  2.  similar contracts –signed and stamped copies
  3. Firm/individual CVS

Share your documents with email; CSS.LOGISTICS@savethechildren.org  with the subject line of the email body “Third party monitoring for OFDABardale, Burhakaba, Yeed and QoryooleyDistricts. Deadline for submission is 21st February-020.

Annex B: Expression of interest Form(EoIs)

Closing date for submission of EoIs: 21st February-020 

Section A. General Information
First Name:


Last Name:
Contact Address:




Contact Phone: (+Area Code)
Email address (mandatory):  


Applicant Status:

(Please tick one)

Private Individual


Private Company

less than 10 staff

Private Company

More than 10 staff


Please Specify

If Private company or Other, Who will be main Lead for this call?
Kindly indicate the source of information for this EoI call:
Section B: State Qualifications & Prior experience
What are your skills and experience in the proposed area?

(if proposing working as a team, please clearly state the competencies of each team member to be involved in this research, evaluation or baseline survey) (max. 250 words)

Please indicate 5 recent baseline or evaluations studies you have undertaken in the last 3 years, explaining what type of services you provided (submit copies as well).
Organisation to which services were provided Value of programme evaluated in US$ Year Services offered e.g. Final Evaluation, Mid-term evaluation etc..
Section C : Methodology to Address the Research/Evaluation/Survey Requirement
Briefly explain the evaluation design you will adopt based on the key questions from the ToRs (Maximum 500 words) (Please make sure that the proposed design addresses the Evaluation Criteria as specified in ToR)
Based on the proposed methodology, kindly indicate the estimated no. of days’ planned for Primary data collection and/or related secondary data from target area mentioned in ToR.
Type of Data collection No of Days Required Responsibility

PI/ enumerators only/ both

i) Primary data collection from target area
ii) Secondary data collection
Kindly describe how you will consider Gender and Child participation during the assessment (250 words)





Please indicate in country support required from Save the Children Country Office to deliver the ToR? (150 words)
Section D: Proposed Budget/Costs (with budget justification)
What is your Institutional support cost:               

In US$/Per day 


What is proposed Total Budget

 (In US$):

(Please note that Save the Children will only cover the cost of flights (at economy class rate) and in-country standard accommodation (bed and breakfast only)
Section E: EoI Submission details:
Please mention the name and contact details of the person submitting the proposal


Name :                                                        Email Address:

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