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The Complete Mobile Data Collection Course using Kobo Tool Box

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Job Description

The Complete Mobile Data Collection Course using Kobo Tool Box: Learn everything you need to develop & deploy mobile data collection forms

Course description

This is the complete Kobotoolbox training course where you will learn how to develop survey data collection forms, deploying them on mobile devices, collecting and managing the data.

I have included almost everything you need to know to get started and to reach a mastery level both Kobotoolbox and XLSFORM.

My name is Mohamed Abdi and I have 10 years of working experience. I have worked with Universities, local and International NGOs. I have started working as a enumerator way back in 2011 and ever since I didn’t stop practicing it. I remember the first day I was assigned to configure mobile phones for a data collection assignment. I have been on your shoes and I know how it feels. Let me help you

I have bachelor degree in Information Technology from SIMAD University and Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Open University Malaysia through Center for Postgraduate Studies.

What you will learn:

  • How to create mobile data collection projects in Kobo Toolbox
  • How to add different types of questions types
  • How to develop forms using Kobo Toolbox’s online form builder by applying skip logic, validation logic, calculated fields, translations and cascading selects
  • How to deploy the forms on Android devices by tweaking settings and options on your fleet of mobile devices used to collect survey data
  • How to manage data uploaded to Kobo Toolbox by viewing, editing, accepting, downloading it and creating custom data visualization reports
  • How to develop advanced forms using XLSFORM
  • How to create mobile data collection projects in Kobo Toolbox
  • How to add different types of questions types
  • Implementing validation logic to limit what can be accepted as valid responses
  • Accessing and managing the data you have collected

Course Requirements

  • Basic knowledge of survey questionnaire
  • Computer and web browser (Google Chrome)
  • An active internet connection and
  • Android device for testing

Who this course is for:

  • MEAL officers
  • Field officers
  • Project officers
  • Researchers or survey designers
  • Anyone who wants to learn digital data collection

Course content

Section 1: Introduction

  • Welcome to the course
  • Course requirements
  • Form development using the online form builder
  • Resources for learning kobo Toolbox Form builder
  • Getting started with Kobo Toolbox
  • The Kobo Toolbox Interface
  • Creating your first project
  • Question Options
  • Question types – Select one
  • Question types – Select many
  • Question types – Text
  • Question types – Number
  • Question types – Decimal
  • Question types – Range
  • Question types – Date
  • Question types – Time
  • Question types – Date and time
  • Question types – Point
  • Question types – Line
  • Question types – Area
  • Question types – Photo
  • Question types – Audio
  • Question types – Video
  • Question types – File
  • Question types – Note
  • Question types – Barcode
  • Question types – Acknowledge
  • Question types – Calculate
  • Question types – Rating
  • Question types – Ranking
  • Advanced Topics
  • Grouping questions
  • Group options
  • Repeated groups
  • Default responses
  • Skip logic – introduction
  • Skip logic – multiple criteria
  • Skip logic – skipping multiple questions
  • Skip logic – Dealing with Other Specify
  • Validation logic
  • Cascading selects
  • Adding translations
  • Form settings and metadata
  • Using the questions library

Section 2: Collecting and uploading data

  • Form deployment
  • Data entry using Enketo Web Forms
  • Configuring mobile devices for data collection
  • Data entry and uploading
  • Customizing Kobo Collect interface
  • Form management options in Kobo Collect
  • User access controls in Kobo Collect

Section 3: Managing data in KoboToolbox

  • Data entry
  • Using Kobo Toolbox Reporting feature
  • Viewing, accepting, editing and deleting data
  • Using the gallery
  • Downloading data
  • Using the map tool
  • Managing projects in Kobo Toolbox Form Designer

Section 4: Practice 1: Form Development and Deployment Using the Online Form Builder

  • Project 1
  • Practice project 1

Section 5: Form development using XLSFORM

  • Introduction
  • XLSFORM reference sheet
  • Setting up your Excel file
  • Project files
  • Note and text
  • Previewing your form
  • Grouping questions
  • Integer and decimal
  • Range
  • Date and time
  • Select-type question
  • Media
  • Location
  • Barcode
  • Calculate
  • Acknowledge
  • Metadata
  • Hints
  • Required
  • Randomize choices
  • Default
  • Nested groups
  • Repeated groups
  • Controlling the number of repeats
  • Constraints
  • Relevance
  • Cascading selects
  • Adding translations

Section 6: Practice 2: Form Development Using XLSFORM

  • Project 2
  • Practice project 2

Course Fee & Payment

The course fee is $60 and you can pay through the local mobile payment systems

Mobile Payment:

EVC plus/Zaad/Sahal/Jeeb: 685557010

eDahab: 625557019

This course is 100% online. By enrolling, you will get

  • Certificate of completion
  • Mentorship
  • Project practice files
  • Q&A forum
  • Life time access

The duration of the course is Life time access. There is no time limit. You can access 24/7 365 days.

You can register the course at the following link


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