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TOR For Advanced MEL Training Somalia

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Job Description


FOR  Training Workshops to develop and deliver a suitable training programme for police advisory committee

  1. Introduction to Saferworld

Saferworld is an independent non-governmental organisation that works with governments, international, regional and local civil society organisations – especially in fragile contexts – to reduce violent conflict, promote cooperative approaches to security and contribute to long term recovery and stability. We work with civil society, governments and international organisations to encourage and support effective policies and practices through advocacy, research and policy development, and through supporting the development of local capacities and structures.

Since its establishment in 1989, Saferworld has actively worked internationally to encourage the development and implementation of international policies and approaches to address violent conflict and insecurity, and have made significant progress on a range of conflict prevention issues, including, promoting effective and accountable security and justice sector development and supporting initiatives to tackle small arms and light weapons control. In the context of conflict prevention, we focus on community safety and security promotion; the development of civil society actors capacity to engage on security and justice issues.

Saferworld has over 15 years’ experience in Somalia and Somaliland. Since 2004, we have been working with partners to promote democratisation, ensure governance is more inclusive, and to improve community security. We work with three non-state actor platforms in South Central Somalia, Somaliland and Puntland to promote and coordinate civil society involvement in peacebuilding, state building, governance and democratisation. We introduced community action forums in three regions of Somalia to enable communities to identify and determine how to address their own safety and security challenges.

  1. Overview of the programmes

Saferworld is implementing two Addressing Root Causes (ARC) programmes in Somalia which is funded by the ARC Fund from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of the Netherlands and are running from 2017 to 2021. Their overall goal is to reduce root causes of armed conflict, instability or irregular migration.

Together with our partners Somali Women Development Centre (SWDC) in Mogadishu, Somali Women Solidarity Organization (SWSO) in Kismayo and Isha Human Rights Organization (IHRO) in Baidoa, Saferworld is implementing the programme ‘Restoring Stable Communities in Somalia’. The programme strengthens the capacity of local civil society groups and communities to research and facilitate broad dialogue across clan and state-society divides about local security issues, provide resources for implementation of joint conflict prevention and community security initiatives, support cross-regional community exchange to share experiences and common security problems; and link community members with existing dispute resolution mechanisms. At the state level, it seeks to re-establish bodies that promote community-responsive policing, acting as a link through which information on security provision is channelled, and form bridges between local, state and national levels. Learning and insights from all levels will be fed upwards through national-level civil society networks, promoting community-focused security provision at national and international levels. Broadly, the programme aims to improve the roles and responsibilities among communities, administrations, police and courts in the three state capitals, in the interest of mutual accountability. This will result in improved state-society relations, especially in the provision of security services, through improved perceptions of safety and security, and practically, a more functional and responsive formal security sector.

The programme seeks to contribute to the following:

Outcome 1: Communities and civil society in Benadir, Jubaland and South West State, including marginalised groups such as women and youth, work together across clan lines to resolve safety and security issues, advocate with relevant authorities for appropriate responses and promote cross-regional cooperation.

Outcome 2: Police and state institutions coordinate, share information, implement inclusive responses to communities’ security needs and are actively engaging with Police Advisory Committees (PACs) to discuss and respond to issues and concerns raised by Community Action Forums (CAFs), resulting in increased citizen-state trust.

Outcome 3: National (FMS and Mogadishu), regional and international policy makers reflect the security needs of local communities, in particular the concerns of women and youth across clan divides, in policies and practices on security in Somalia.

  1. Need for MEL training and rational of assignment

Saferworld works with three partners to deliver the ARC programme in Somalia, the Somali Women Development Centre (SWDC), the Somali Women Solidarity Organization (SWSO) and Isha Human Rights Organization (IHRO). MEL knowledge and skills has been identified as a priority area for development and training. This assignment will help grown MEL abilities of staff within the three organisations, both within and beyond the ARC programme. Together, we recognise that the organisations would benefit from specific training on MEL, to improve the measurement and the understanding of the impact of work, collect data to inform on programme indicators and learn effectively from the implementation of the programme but, as importantly, to create sustained improvements in the organisations understanding and skills related to MEL. Therefore, this assignment is a cross-cutting element which relates to all three programme objectives. The training is expected to help strengthen the MEL frameworks and systems of each of the three organisations, increase the general understanding of MEL and increase knowledge and skills in specific areas such as data collection and measuring indicators.

  1. Proposed approach

To detail the MEL training requirements, a training needs assessment will be conducted to ascertain each of the three organisations existing MEL systems and specific areas where training and skills development will be most relevant and impactful. It is envisioned that this training needs assessment will be conducted jointly by the consultant team and the Saferworld Somalia team, likely through a series of conversations with representatives from the three organisations, supplemented with a short survey.

Specific training objectives and learning outcomes will then be determined based on the results of the training needs assessment. These are expected to differ for SWDC, SWSO and IHRO staff. If relevant, combined training sessions addressing needs which are consistent across all three organisations will be designed and delivered.

  1. Expected deliverables

In order to build on the existing knowledge and experience of the partner and Saferworld Programme team we would require the MEL training to be technically advanced, focusing on the following aspects, among others:

  • Understanding monitoring and evaluation approaches/tools and the relevant terms
  • Designing a variety of indicators needed to measure progress towards outcomes
  • Guidance on using advanced indicators to measure change in different contexts and with different types of stakeholders
  • Advice on designing impact reports that effectively communicate the innovative approach and impact of our projects and programmes.
  • Understanding how to generate learning agenda, how to cascade and disseminate the learning of the programme
  • MEL training needs assessment and identified knowledge and skills development areas
  • Design and delivery of three, participatory, MEL training courses (one per organization) reflecting training needs assessment findings
  • Reference materials and resources to accompany each of the three training courses
  1. Training logistics and delivery mode

The preference is for face to face training to be delivered in Addis Ababa, under the assumption COVID-19 restrictions do not change. Alternatively face to face training may be delivered in Hargeisa or Mogadishu. Remote approaches to delivering the assignment will be considered in the event where face to face options become unfeasible.

  1. Required experience
  • Significant experience working with international NGOs, local delivery partners, UN agencies or other organisations on all aspects of MEL in the project or programme lifecycle, specifically the design, tracking and measuring of different types of indicators.
  • Experience designing and conducting MEL trainings in different partners and organizations with results-based monitoring (experience on Outcome Harvesting)
  1. Desirable
  • Experience of community safety and security MEL approaches
  • Work experience conducting MEL evaluations in Somalia or similar post conflict context
  • Familiar with gender and conflict sensitivity in post conflict context especially when conducting trainings.
  1. Terms
  • Time: There will be three days of preparation and pre-assessment of partners then the training will take place over five days during the second week of November 2020 (we are flexible on which five days that month the training takes place)
  • Location: The training will need to take place either Hargeisa/Addis Ababa
  • Budget: Please provide a breakdown of what it would cost to deliver the five-day training. We would expect 1-2 days preparation time plus the cost of the five days of delivery.
  1. Payment: Saferworld will pay 20% upon development and acceptance of training material and methodology.


  1. Application

Interested candidate/s should submit:

  • Please send a fully costed application of one- to two-pages that sets out how you would approach your training including mitigation related to Covid and your relevant experience and qualifications to deliver the training. (max 2 pages)
  • A sample report of previous work relevant to the assignment
  • An up-to date CV that sets out your professional and educational history
  • Contact details for two referees
  • An indicative budget, including details of daily rates.      

A soft copy of the application should be sent to jobs@saferworld.org.uk. Your e-mail must have the subject heading indicating Advanced MEL Training Somalia.

Deadline for applications is 6th November 2020, We regret only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. It is anticipated that interviews will take place by 15th November

  1. Contractual Matters

Binding agreements will be drawn in a form of a contract to which this TOR will serve as an annex or addendum. The contract will stipulate all the legal and statutory obligations as required by law and relevant to the two contracting parts.

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