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ToR for Development of online Remedial Classes – Hargeisa, Somaliland

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Job Description

ToR for Development of online Remedial Classes

Introduction: NRC in Somalia/Somaliland

NRC has been active in Somalia since 2004 with four area offices in Hargeisa, Mogadishu, Garowe and Kismayu, providing protection and humanitarian assistance to refugees, internally displaced persons and returnees in Somaliland, Puntland, South Central and Jubbaland regions. NRC offers a comprehensive response for returnees and IDPs of high need, addressing their food security, livelihood, shelter, education, ICLA, and water, hygiene and sanitation needs and also responding to emergencies through NRC’s five core competences; Shelter, Education, Food Security and Livelihoods, WASH and Information, Counselling and Legal Assistance (ICLA).

NRC Somalia is part of NRC’s East Africa and Yemen regional operation which comprises of large-scale multi-country humanitarian and early recovery interventions spread across seven countries (Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Yemen, Eritrea, South Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania).  NRC’s overall strategy in the region is to enhance protection and promote the rights of displaced people in humanitarian need by improving living conditions and seeking durable solutions. The regional office is based in Nairobi and works with country programmes to ensure standardization of programmatic and operational approaches, promote multi country programming and ensuring quality and coordination. 

Project Background

This project aims to enhance protection, build resilience and self-reliance capacities through the provision of shelter, education, and livelihoods opportunities for refugees, asylum seekers, returnees, internally displaced persons (IDPs) and host communities in Somaliland.

In 2020, The Education project seeks to serve an estimated around 2,200 students in primary education and 200 students in secondary, 150 students in tertiary education a total of   2,550 students. The majority of the targeted returnees, refugees, asylum seekers and host communities are living in dire humanitarian situation in urban areas of Hargeisa district and other areas in Somaliland. The livelihoods component of the project will support 790 Individuals from an equal number of households including refugee, returnees and vulnerable host community to enable transition into decent employment through skills development and revival/establishment of small-scale business by way of training, enterprise establishment and market linkages.

Targeted PoCs will be Youth and other community groups from 60% refugee and 40% IDPs, poor host communities and returnees focused intervention will support the revival of livelihoods of 790 individuals from an equal number of households. The shelter component project aims to enhance the physical protection and improve basic living conditions for Protracted and spontaneous IDPs and vulnerable host communities in Finland area, Magaalo cad settlement in Berbera, Somaliland – where UNHABITAT completed 245 permanent Shelters in 2016 with the support of Berbera municipality. In continuation of the RHU Project initiated in 2019, the proposed integrated approach will include the construction of 147 sustainable transitional Shelter solutions (also called as Refugee Housing Units – RHUs) with HH latrine and housing land and property support. The response will prioritize communities affected by recurrent shocks, droughts, conflict and forced evictions.


The objective of this project is that: Refugee, asylum seekers, Returnees, IDPs and poor host communities’ have optimal access to quality education, physical protection through shelter provision and sustainable livelihood opportunities so they are resilient to shocks.

Intended Result:

The intended result of this project is three-fold;

  • Persons of Concerns (Refugees & Asylum Seekers) to UNHCR have access to quality Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary education which are integrated with local communities.
  • Persons of Concerns (Refugees, Returnees, IDPs) to UNHCR have improved skills and livelihoods and are self-reliant.
  • Persons of Concerns (IDPs & Returnees) to UNHCR have improved shelter

Pre-cautions and preventions of coronavirus decisions made by the government of Somaliland has affected on going education activities under Refugee Education Project in the country. A circular letter was signed on 18/03/2020 by the Director General of Ministry of Education and Science has been distributed and stated clearly that all schools (Private & Public) and universities will be officially closed for one months starting from 19th March 2020.Once again, the closure time of the schools and universities was extended into one more month.

UNHCR/NRC had planned that the refugee students in private schools will be moved or transited to the public schools in the new academic year of August 2020/2021. An estimated 450 primary children and 200 secondary students are expected to be transited to public primary and public secondary schools respectively. NRC arranged Somali and English Remedial classes with the help of private school teachers which supporting the Yemen refugee students to be familiar with instructing languages and mitigatelanguage barriers to get adapted national curriculum. Due to COVID-19, remedial classes has stopped same as the normal classes. Therefore, the alternative methods of face-to-face classes are either online language classes or provision homework assignment during this period. The second option of distributing homework assignment has been used for the first of the school closure and it seems that it is not productive and may take part of spreading of the pandemic disease. Using internet and developing google classrooms and whatsup groups is an option.

Propose:The propose of this ToR isto record remedial classes material of two of Somali and English subjects and setting up two windows for these subjects in google classroom platform;

Specific Objectives: The specific objectives of this assignment are to:

  1. Set up google classroom for the remedial classes;
  2. Design and break apart the remedial classes into weekly basely;
  3. Film, Record and Edit remedial classes material (English & Somali);
  4. Troubleshooting Backup Problems (Two months/June to July 2020);

Target group: Refugee students in private schools (447 primary students & 187 second students)

Scope of the Work: The consulting firm will work closely with NRC Education Project Team to elicit requirements and manage the development of online classes of mentioned above classes. In Particular, the scope of the work will be as follows:

  1. Setting up Google Classrooms
  • Creating two separate windows for Somali and English Languages;
  • Supporting students to register google classrooms;
  • Creating whatsup groups among students and guardians for learning and teaching purposes;
  • Providing training to the remedial classes on how to use google classrooms; “
  1. Course Design/ English & Somalia Subjects/
  • Break apart courses into weekly modules (or other desired unit);
  • Articulate objectives for each module/unit;
  • Determine how major assignments and assessment fit into courses schedule;
  • Consider how to translate typical course activities to maximize affordances of google classroom environment and maximize student interaction;
  • Determine overall strategies for content delivery, instructional activities, and assessment;
  • Identify appropriate technologies and pursue required technical training
  • Develop a schedule for course development;
  1. Filming,recording and Editing remedial classes material (English& Somali)
  • Complete detailed courses map that identifies all components to each module: existing content, content to be produced, assignments, assessment activities;
  • Build remaining modules and associated course materials, including:
  • Blackboard component
  • Media Components
  • Assignment instructions
  • Assessments
  • Producing High Definition video of remedial classes;
  • Uploading materials to google classroom as per subject;
  1. Troubleshooting Backup Problems (Two months/June to July 2020)
  • Supporting students and teachers in case problem arise technically;
  • Establishing call center for supporting students;

Expected deliverables

The contractor will deliver the following as part of this assignment:

  1. Inception report with updated work plan;
  2. Recorded Remedial classes and deliver as per technical requirements stated in the scope of work;
  3. Uploaded all the material of remedial classes into google classrooms;
  4. Conducted training for remedial classes teachers for google classroom usage;

Vendor’s Responsibilities

For this consultancy, the vendor will be responsible for the followings:

  1. Managing the remedial classes development team;
  2. Attending the meetings, workshops, discussion with NRC;
  3. Submitting the specified deliverables to NRC for comments approval;
  4. Organizing and conducting trainings of remedial classes teacher;
  5. Producing HD Video of teaching material and uploading to google classrooms;
  6. Supporting refugee students and teachers in troubleshooting;

NRC’S Responsibilities

Being the implementer of the project, NRC will be responsible for the followings:

  • Liaising with refugee students and teachers and involving them in the process;
  • Assisting in setting meetings and workshops with the remedial classes teachers;
  • Providing technical feedback on the process, documentation and deliverables;
  • Review the system and providing feedback to finalize;
  • Releasing the payments upon satisfactory delivery by the vendor;


The contractor will submit detail time frame for completing the assignment and keep in mind that this assignment should be completed in two weeks;

Financial Proposal

The financial proposal by the firm should contain itemized cost, at least for the following broader deliverables;

Minumun Qualification & Experieced required

The vendor with experience in system development may bid for this assignment.The vendor should have the following specific criteria;

  1. Legal establishment for a minimum of three years ( proven documents e.g trade license, VAT registration);
  2. Experience in similar assignemts with proven track record ( contracts from INGOs);
  3. Should be financially stable and have capacity to implement the assignment( print your financial statement for last one year);

Submission  of proposals

NRC inivites technical and financial proposal from eligible software companies to implement the assignment.The proposals should include detailed  methodology, detailed work plan  and a detailed budget.A purshased order will be awarded based on the quality of technical and financial proposals following the NCR procuremet and financial rules and regulations.Payment will be made in USD as per the NRC financial rules and paument conditions as stipulated in the service agreement/purchase order and ToRs.

The interested companies are requested to submit their proposals hardcopy to the addres: Tender Box, Logistics department, Airport Road, behind Ambassador Hargeisa Somaliland by CoB on 04/06/20 before 3:00PM in East Africa Time Zone.

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