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Training Course: Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) – Hargeisa, Republic of Somaliland

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Job Description

Training Course

Introduction to Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) – Hargeisa, Republic of Somaliland

Course Overview

Beginner/Intermediate Level       5 days (10 hours)

 $25.00USD                              Awarded Certificate

SPSS History

Statistical Package for Social Sciences or widely known as SPSS, was initially launched 1968 by SPSS Inc, and was later acquired by IBM Company in July of 2009; and in January 2010 officially become IBM SPSS Statistics.

Course Description

IBM SPSS Statistics or simply referred to as SPSS is considered as one of the most widely used computer package for statistical analysis to organize, interpret, and present results. It is used by different disciplines in Healthcare, Social sciences, Market research, Education research, Data mining, and others. SPSS comes with many features and options mostly organized in pull-down menus and graphical/chart user interfaces. For advance and complex calculations, SPSS provide programming options through built-in syntax editor.

This training course is aim to introduce the fundamentals of SPSS and related features, in particular how to code raw data of a new dataset, perform quantitative analysis, interpret, and reporting the results. The format of the training course is instructor-led with hands-on practice on a set of pre-prepared exercises and group work.

            What You’ll Learn

            By the end of SPSS course, students will be able to;

  • Gain proficiency in how to analyze a number of statistical procedures in SPSS.
  • Interpret the output of a number of different statistical tests.
  • Learn how to generate report and results of SPSS.


  • Full-time workers who are engaged in data analysis; and research students in various disciplines/sectors.
  • All workers interested to learning basic statistical skills in analyzing raw data and reporting results for decision-making.
  • Workers interested to improving and expanding their statistical analysis skills.
  • Anyone who wants to refresh their knowledge and statistical experience.


  • Familiarity with basic statistical concept, such as Microsoft Excel; and have medium proficiency level of English and full proficiency in Somali.

SPSS Training Course Learning Modules 

  1. Fundamentals of Using SPSS
    • Introduction to SPSS
      • Descriptive information and statistics
      • An overview of statistical test in SPSS
    • Exploring data with graphics
  1. Reading Raw Data into SPSS
    • Inputting raw data into SPSS
    • Inputting data directly into the SPSS Data Editor
    • Reading dates into SPSS and using date variables
  1. Basic Data Management in SPSS
    • Creating and recording variables
    • Using SPSS functions for making/recording variables
    • Sub-setting variables and observations
    • How can I analyse a subset of my data?
    • Labeling and documenting data
    • Sort and split by
    • Missing data in SPSS
  1. Intermediate Data Management in SPSS
    • Collapsing data across observations
    • Concatenating (stacking) SPSS data files
    • Merging & match merging SPSS data files
    • Reshaping data from wide format to long format
    • Reshaping data from long format to wide format
  1. Final Course Exam

Course General Information

Certification: All participants will be awarded with a certificate upon successfully completing the course. Individuals who fail the final exam will be subjected to failed mark/incomplete of course and will not be awarded to a certificate.

Enrollment Deadline: September 17th, 2021 at 5pm

Course Start Date: September 23th, 2021

Course Duration: 5 days (Tuesday – Saturday | 6pm – 8pm)

Venue/Location: Venue to be announced, Hargeisa | Republic of Somaliland

Fees: The course fee is $25.00USD per participant. This price services participants from all sector (Government; INGO; LNGO; Private; and Individual). The course fee is inclusive of training materials, certification, and beverages. Please note, there will be no refunds, we expect you to attend the course.

Fee Submission Process

The course fee is $25.00 which can be deposit to the following electronic payment through Shaqo Kaab Solutions Zaab: 444595 or E-dahab: 14818. For any other payment methods, please contact our office landline or mobile at 570116 | 063 7217576 | 065 7490001.

Instructor Bio

Mr. Hassan (Mataan) Ali Abdilahi

Email: hassan.ali@shaqo-kaab.com

Mr. Hassan Ali Abdilahi has a wide range of Human Resource Management and Training experiences from Uganda and the Republic of Somaliland. He currently holds the positions of Human Resource Business Specialist and Training Consultant with Shaqo Kaab Solutions. 

Prior to SKS, Hassan was as Educational Trainer with Yool Research Centre and HR Specialist with Islamic Relief Worldwide. Academically Hassan holds Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Human Resources Management from Kampla University; as well as Bachelor Degree in Economics from Admas University. 

His unique professional and academic background is why we are our honor and privilege to have him as our HR Business Specialist and Training Consultant.

Enquiries and Registration 

For further enquiries and registrations information, please contact us at the following avenues below:

Office Line: 570116

Office Mobile: 063 7217576 | 065 7490001

Email: trainme@shaqo-kaab.com



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