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Training: HR Metrics and Analytics Skills (In Class & Online Via Zoom Sessions) – Hargeisa, Somaliland

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Job Description

Training: HR Metrics and Analytics Skills (In Class & Online Via Zoom Sessions)



QRTC is established to offer the best research and training service and aspires to be a leading institution in manpower empowerment through continuous quality capacity development initiatives.


To deliver capacity building programs for the labor force with the aim of maximizing their chances of achieving their career aspirations.


The Qaran Research and Training Center is a professional institution created to support research and quality practical trainings that improve the employability of the workforce in Somaliland and other resource-limited settings across the greater of Horn of Africa. We achieve this through designing and implementing innovative and well-informed trainings; ranging from M and E, Project management, HR and logistics and Research processes. We aspire to reduce high unemployment in the region through high quality mentoring, rigorous interventions and strong collaborations.

Currently, we are offering    professional short courses which are great eye-opened opportunity for wide range of audience including NGO staff, government officials and unemployed persons and fresh graduates   willing to advance their sought-after skills or looking decent and deserved jobs. As part of this programme, our Human Resources Training which is first of its kind in Somaliland-were scheduled to kick off in the first week of April  in 2021.Around 462  trainees have already benefited from our previous various trainings both in class and online classes (about of these 20% females). Some of these former trainees have landed decent jobs at INGOs due to knowledge and skills gained from our trainings. Please see below the complete training outlines.


In this course you will learn different HR Functions and how to quantify them for effective decision making for your organization. You will have a good understanding of better controlling, and handling function, so we can enormously contribute to the overall business objective. If we want to align our HR objective to the overall business goal, one must have to fine tune this HR function, so that we are able to quantify them appropriately.


Recruitment is a significant part of any HR function, especially in today’s tight labor market. By measuring recruitment metrics, you can understand how effective your hiring strategy truly is and how you can improve it.

HR Metrics are used to gauge the effectiveness of various HR responsibilities and initiatives such as hiring, employee retention, and training and labor costs. Human resources departments can use these metrics to improve their efficiency and demonstrate the value of their activities to upper management.



  • Certified Senior Profession of HR International (SPHRi) from HRCI USA.
  • Has BA of HRM & MA of Development Studies (MA in Law (UK) – ongoing)
  • 10+ Year HR experience in INGO, Private and Public Institutions.
  • Areas of interest policy development, HR strategies, Advising HR, Talent Management, and capacity building.
  • Former lecturer (2011 – 2016) in Civil Service Institute, New Generation University, Beder University, & Gollis University.


  • HR Professionals in organisations who would like to develop the role of HR within the organisation
  • HR Professionals tasked with providing HR data to support strategy development and delivery
  • Senior Managers who want to understand how they can deliver strategic and organisational change in their organisation – and use HR to achieve it
  • IT/Administration/business professionals with an interest in HR data to achieve organisational objectives


This is a 5-day-long training with 3 hours of theory and practical sessions for each day with following details: Course registration deadline is on 10th of April 2021. The in class training dates are 11th -15th April 2021. The Training hours is 6:00pm – 8pm for these days. The online classes through zoom take one full month.


  • Learn what are the different HR Functions and ratios in HRM.
  • Cost per hire & employee turnover
  • Overpay & Absenteeism
  • Length of service & Job satisfaction rate
  • Profit per employee & Cost of HR per employee
  • Training per employee
  • Performance, Innovation, Time to hire
  • Offer acceptance ratio, Ghost Rate, Fail Rate.
  • Employee referral program
  • Organization environment & Its Importance.
  • Other metrics


Module one: An Overview of HR Metrics

  • Human Capital Management
  • HR Functions Vs Metrics Required
  • HR Budget Metrics and Analytics
  • HR Accounting – outlay cost, replacement and HR Value
  • Leading and Lagging Indicators


Module two: Specific HR Metrics and Analytics

Employee Metrics

  • Payroll Metrics
  • Employee data metrics (%, Average, frequency, etc…)
  • Turnover and retention ratio
  • Head count ratio
  • Time to fill and cost of a new hire
  • Training ROI
  • Leave and absenteeism calculations
  • Grievance rates
  • Health care cost per staff

Productivity/Service metrics

  • Input/output ratio
  • Revenue and cost per staff
  • Unit produced per employee/profit per employee

Module three: HR Process Measures and Analytics

  • HR department expense as a percent of operating expenses
  • Ratio of total staff to HR staff
  • Compensation as a ratio of company operating expenses
  • Training expense per employee
  • HR department expense per employee
  • Ratio of offers made to acceptances – Yield ratios
  • HR KPIs, and dashboards


Module Four: HR Reports, Analytics and Presentations

  • Introduction
  • Content of HR Report
  • Calculation of HR Reports
  • Using HR report sample for sample company

Module Five : Salary and Benefit Surveys metrics and Analytics

  • Introductions
  • Covers of Salary and Benefits Surveys
  • Salary and Benefit data collection, and analyses using sample template
  • Benchmarking and analysis
  • Survey Presentation


  1. In case you need further details about course or any else, kindly feel free to reach us at or +252633499969/ or whatup text or by email qrtcinfo@gmail.com
  2. We record video lectures of courses which are intended to online trainees in Somalia (Muqdisho, Garowe, Kismayo, Baido and many more others )
  3. There are also live sessions throught zoom where participants interact with facilitators for rich discussions.
  4. The offline class will be held in our Hargeisa Training Hall( North of -Hayat Diagnostic center, Near Idam School)
  5. Pay the course fee which is only 30   dollars covering all training related costs
  6. Payment modes: deposit at Zaad/ Edahab 0633499969 or Dahabshil account HRG 32342 before course deadline.
  7. A group of three persons who will be attending a same course at time will have a discount of 17%.
  8. Course registration deadline is on 10th of April The in class training dates are 11th -15th April 2021. The Training hours is 6:00pm – 8pm for these days. The online classes take one full month through zoom.
  9. Follow throught this link to get register: https://ee.kobotoolbox.org/x/gLlDKeTy
  10. See our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Qaran-Research-and-Training-Center-358437568041514/

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