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What if I told you can make money, gain experience and as well as gain a new skill all while sitting in your house! Interesting, right? Then keep reading.

Shaqodoon’s Technology for Development (T4D) Department is recruiting fresh new talents to provide narration services for its awareness videos, voice broadcasts as well as its Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications. We are looking for Arabic, English, and Somali speakers. Doesn’t matter which Somali county, state, or region you are from or what Somali dialect you have; maymay, maxaa is very welcome to apply.

And the best part is no prior experience or studio set up of your own is required. Just a confident, willing, fun, quirky, clear spoken, energetic, young man or woman!

So, what are you waiting for? Send us a sample of your voice recording reading the following script to our WhatsApp number 063-6897852.

We are looking for you!


“Kusoo dhawoow Wasaarada Gancasiga, Warshadaha iyo Dalxiiska.

Fadlan taabo hal hadaad ubaantahay macluumaad kooban sida ganacsi loo diiwaan galiyo. Taabo laba hadii aad ubaahantahay in aad diiwaan galiso ganacsi warshadeed. Taabo saddex hadaad aad ubaahantahay fursad maalin gaalin ah. Taabo afar hadaad ubaahnatahy adeegyada laguugu horumarinayno ganacsigaaga. Taabo shan hadaad rabto ina aad si toos ah ula xidhiidho wasaarada ganacsiga, Warshadaha iyo dalxiiska”


“Welcome to the Ministry of Trade, Industrial and Tourism Hotline number. Please press one if you need information on how to register a business press two if you need information on how to register an industrial business. Press three if you are looking for an access to finance, press four if you are interested in getting business development trainings through shaqodoon or if you need more information regarding the types of licensing, fees and further information please press five for your call to be directly forwarded to the ministry”


مرحبًا بكم في رقم الخط الساخن لوزارة التجارة والصناعة والسياحة  

يرجى الضغط على واحد إذا كنت بحاجة إلى معلومات حول كيفية تسجيل شركة ، اضغط على الرقم 2 إذا كنت بحاجة إلى معلومات حول كيفية تسجيل شركة صناعية. اضغط على ثلاثة إذا كنت تبحث عن الوصول إلى التمويل ، اضغط على الرقم 4 إذا كنت مهتمًا بالحصول على تدريبات تطوير الأعمال أو إذا كنت بحاجة إلى مزيد من المعلومات حول أنواع التراخيص والرسوم ومزيد من المعلومات ، يرجى الضغط على الرقم خمسة حتى تكون مكالمتك مباشرة أحيلت إلى الوزارة

Xogsiiye Platform has the copyright to this script. The service can be accessed through shortcode 9444.

Good Luck!

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